What do you need to know when ordering WeatherTech?

Right now, customers must order in the store (Neptune only).

The main reason for ordering from us is that they will save on freight.


Here is information from WeatherTech on how to order:

1. Our Dealer Web site https:www.weathertechdealer.com automatically populates the total MAP price once the vehicle information is provided. It will also provide you with a part number. Our MAP price includes shipping to your stores. When your staff calls in their order we suggest you use the customers last name as the PO and the date for ease of recall.

We also suggest the store gets a deposit from the customer as a retail practice.

2. When your store calls in their order please contact our wholesale department at 800-943-9250. WeatherTech Customer Service will ask for the store number, address and zip code. Once you give them the part number they will verify what you have ordered. They can also give you the total cost. They will then tell you, that you will receive the order in XX business days, and the order is shipped to the store that has placed the order.

These are custom pieces. Please make sure to get a deposit!

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